Sunday, January 29, 2017

Book Club Savvy: A Resource Guide for Creating an Engaging and Successful Reading Group

Discover the steps needed for forming an effective book club! 

The strategies in this guide will help ensure that your group flourishes and continues to share the joy of reading for years to come.

Praise for Book Club Savvy:

This was exactly the book I needed. A friend and I have discussed starting a book club for years, but never really knew how to get others excited and involved. This is the perfect resource to provide all of the tips you need on how to start a book club that's enjoyable enough for others to want to join. Wonderfully written and includes neat printables to provide to everyone in the group. Looking forward to hosting my first book club meeting next month!!

Our book club has had a hard time getting it together. This quick read is a great resource for either starting a book club or getting your on track. So many ideas I would have never thought of and I love the free printables! Super cute! Well worth the money and I can't wait to try some of these ideas!

Click on the Printable Organization Files below to print full-size pages for your group:

 Our Members Printable

 Our Selections Printable

 Meeting Bookmark Printable

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